Premyo Sa Resibo from BIR

About Premyo Sa Resibo

Premyo sa Resibo" (PSR) is a text-raffle project undertaken by The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), in support of The Bureau of Internal Revenue's (BIR) efforts to plug leakages in the tax collection system.


What is the main objective of Premyo Sa Resibo?
The immediate objective of the PSR raffle project is to motivate the consumers to always ask for a receipt whenever they purchase goods or services. The program will help boost the tax collection drive campaign of BIR in plugging billions of pesos in tax leaks due to non-issuance of receipts and misdeclaration of sales.

What are the requirements to join PSR raffle? All you need is a cellphone with load and a receipt with a minimum amount of P100.00.

How to join PSR?
Identify the Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the establishment, Receipt Number and Amount in the receipt and then using your cellphone, type in the text message in this format:

PSR<space>TIN<asterisk>Receipt Number<asterisk>Receipt Amount

Ex.: PSR 005215077076*00084293*130

Where do I send text-raffle entry?
Send it to 9777 for single entries (for Smart / Globe / Sun Cellular subscribers)
Send it to 9778 for multiple entries (for Smart / Globe subscribers)

Is there a need to register my name and address? No need to register name and address. The original of the official receipt shall serve as your primary identification as a winner.

What are the different kinds of receipts that are accepted in the raffle? Any of the receipt-type below with minimum amount of P100 can be entered in the raffle.

* Official Receipt
* Cash/Sales Invoice
* Cash Register Machine (CRM)/Point of Sales (POS) Receipt

What if the receipt did not specify OR number especially those machine-generated receipts?
First thing you do is ask the cashier to identify the receipt number to you. If she/he can't do it, then you can type-in any unique number you can find in the receipt. Ex: Slip # / Cash register no / Serial no

Can I use a receipt under the name of my company?
You can use this receipt in sending text-entry message to PSR. However, you need to secure an authorization letter from your company when you claim your prize.

What dates of receipt are qualified for the raffle?
All receipts dated the month before the draw and on the days of the current month prior to the actual draw date.
For the June 20, 2008 Raffle Draw: All receipts dated April 1, 2008 to June 19, 2008 are qualified.

Do I need to text again the receipts I used to text during the previous draw?
Yes. You can send it again as long as the receipt date is within the covered period to qualify on the draw dates

How many text-entries can I send per receipt?
Every P100 value of the receipt entitles you to one text-entry. As an added bonus, you get an extra text-entry for remaining fractions of P50 and above. One text-entry is issued one raffle entry number. You can send the same text message with the same receipt details several times to 9777, and you will be given entries up to the entitlement determined by the receipt amount. If you send an entry more than the entitlement, it will not qualify for the draw.

Ex: The same text-entry message containing details of a single receipt amounting to P450 can be texted 5 times to 9777 to get 5 raffle entries. Text entries beyond 5 will be disqualified for the draw.

Is there a deadline for sending a text-entry? Deadline for sending text-entries for the weekly draw is 12:00 midnight of the day before the scheduled draw.

Do I have to keep the receipt? Yes, it is important for you to keep the original copy of the receipt. It is the primary requirement in claiming the prize.

What about those receipts from Cash Register Machine (CRM) and Point of Sale (POS), these are thermal papers that easily fade?
The machine-generated, thermal paper receipts will not fade within a week's time. You will need to present the original copy of the receipt when you win in the raffle so it is important to handle the receipt with utmost care.

How will I know if my entry is valid? All valid text-entries will be issued a unique raffle entry number.

Why is there sometimes a delay in receiving the text confirmation? It is primarily due to network congestion. It is recommended that you send your entries during off-peak hours (11 pm to 8 am).

Is there a need to save the text confirmation containing the text raffle entry number? We advise you to write the text-raffle entry number/s at the back of the receipt, for facility in the claiming of prize.

When are the Draw Dates? Weekly draws are held every Friday and aired on ABC 5 between 10:30 and 11:30 pm, except for certain Special Draws, which will be announced in the newspapers.

How can I claim my winnings? To claim the prize, winners must present the original copy of the receipt used for the text-entry and at least two valid photo IDs. They can fax them to 02-247 7934 for the attention of Mr. Luis Masilang or present them to Mr. Luis Masilang of PAGCOR at the 6th floor, PAGCOR Corporate House, Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila, Pedro Gil corner M.H. Del Pilar, Manila.

What if my sim number is enrolled to an unlimited text messaging, can I still join the raffle? Yes, however it will be deducted from your regular cell phone load.

What if the receipt is suspicious Ex: without TIN Number? You may report to the BIR Contact Center at (02) 918-8888 or visit website to find regional offices' contact number.

What if I was not given an Official Receipt? You may report to the BIR Contact Center at (02) 918-8888 or visit website to find regional offices' contact number.

PSR JACKPOT SERVICE (Available for SMART & TNT subscribers)

Premyo Sa Resibo (PSR) JACKPOT is an added feature in the "Premyo Sa Resibo" program of BIR and PAGCOR to further entice participants in joining the program. PSR JACKPOT offers an additional opportunity for Premyo Sa Resibo participants to win cash prizes.

PSR Jackpot is a text numbers game where participants may win the Progressive Jackpot amount. Four (4) distinct numbers from 1 to 56 shall be electronically drawn. In order to win the Jackpot, all four numbers selected by the participant/s should match the four numbers in the same order as these numbers were drawn.

PSR JACKPOT shall be drawn weekly. Jackpot prize starts at FIVE MILLION pesos and increases after every draw until the jackpot is won. Then the prize is reset to FIVE MILLION pesos.

How to Participate

A participant must be of legal age.

Participant must have a qualified Official Receipt for a specific PSR Jackpot draw. A qualified Official Receipt must :

* have a value of at least One Hundred Pesos; and
* be dated not earlier than two months before the date of the next draw. (Draws are scheduled every Friday.)

To enter in the PSR Jackpot, qualified participants need to simply text:

PSR <space> JP <space> TIN No<asterisk> OR No <asterisk> AA<space> BB <space> CC <space> DD


PSR <space> JP is the keyword for PSR JACKPOT;
TIN No is the Tax Identification Number of the entity that issued the OR and must be all numbers without spaces between numbers;
OR No is the Official Receipt number; and
AA, BB, CC, DD are any four unique numbers from 1 to 56.

and send to 9779.
An acknowledgement notice will be sent back as follows:

For valid entries

"Rcvd ur entry AA BB CC DD for PSR Jackpot mm/dd/yy draw. Ref # is 9999999999.
Winners below 21 yrs old will forfeit their winnings. This message P6.00"

For erroneous entries:

"Format: PSR JP TIN*ORNo*AA BB CC DD U were charged P1.50" or
"TIN must be 9 to 12 digits. This message P1.50" or
"Pls resend entry with OR Number. This message P1.50" or
"Pls choose 4 unique numbers from 1-56 to qualify. This message P1.50" or
"Format: PSR JP TIN*ORNo*AA BB CC DD. U were charged P1.50"